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The Name Game


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okay.... this is how it works.... put your name like this


A- Asshole]

M-maynoasse is disgusting!!

A-amanda means worthy of love

N-no i will not eat worms... :?

D-dad is spelled dad backwords...making it a (forgot the word)

A-arghhh there are too many a's in my name


well not exactly lined like that but you get the dealio...okay than using each letter explain, tell, or describe yourself or something in the weirdest and randomest way possible....confusing? look at me example

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d-dunno how to start

i-i still dunno

o-OMG...im a "mega coldplayer" ...i hadnt noticed it :roll:

n- nope...this game isnt working :(

i-i hate my 2nd "i"

s-sex is healthy :roll:

i-i am thinking what to write with the next letter :-o

o-oh...thx God this is finished




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lol, i did this before, it was in HIGHSCHOOL too! we had to do first and last names which sucked because i had 2 w's and an x in my name, and my teacher wouldnt let me skip my last name


A-always has anxiety

N-never angry

D-doesnt remember s***


E-easily amused

W-wish i could leave here!!

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