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PC Mad Britain Savages Mike Newell's Thought Crime


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PC Mad Britain Savages Newell's Thought Crime

Soccer manager Newell slammed, castigated and investigated for daring to criticize a female official, betrays broader mental illness of political correctness insanity threatening to destroy free speech


Paul Joseph Watson

Monday, November 14, 2006


A soccer manager's critical comments towards a female official this past weekend in Britain have provoked a backlash of zealous condemnation, in a damning indictment of how the political correctness movement is being used across Europe to inflict a chilling effect on freedom of speech.


Here are Luton Town manager Mike Newell's comments in full after his team lost 3-2 to QPR on Saturday and the female official, Amy Rayner, failed to award Newell's side a clear penalty.


"We have a problem in this country with political correctness, and bringing women into the game is absolutely beyond belief."


"It is bad enough with the incapable referees and linesmen we have, but if you start bringing in women, you have big problems."


"She should not be here. I know that sounds sexist, but I am sexist, so I am not going to be anything other than that."


"This is Championship football. This is not park football, so what are women doing here? It is tokenism for the politically-correct idiots."


Now League Managers' Association chief executive John Barnwell says Newell is "skating on thin ice," as he is the subject of a Football Association investigation and his own team's board have publicly distanced themselves. His reputation is in tatters and despite being forced to publicly apologize, Newell could potentially lose his job within days.


Agree or not, Newell has a right to freedom of speech but he is about to get the book thrown at him and the media has dragged his name through the mud


It isn't sexist to suggest that men are better than women at some jobs and women better than men at others - that's called common sense.


How many women do you see working on oil rigs? Is it sexist to suggest men are better suited to the job?


Likewise, women are better secretary's because in most cases they communicate better than men.




Men and women are different and have different strengths and weaknesses. It is perfectly within anyone's rights to clearly state this fact without rebuke. From personal experience and the views of many others, the female official in question, Amy Rayner, is completely inept and is simply there for PC tokenism as Newell said. But this isn't a debate about whether women are equipped to referee football matches, it's an indictment of the frothing, maniacal and indignant response of the "politically correct" jackboot thugs - people like Elton John, who last week called for all religion to be banned.


We are mandated by peer pressure and cultural bullying to "tolerate" homosexuals, foreign immigrants, the welfare class, and a whole range of other groups, minorities, cults, sub-cultures and sexual perversions spanning the entire breadth of the scum-ometer, and for the most part we do exactly that. The vast majority do not wish to physically harm these individuals and anyone who does should rightly be punished. The problem lies in the fact that the very same crowd that preaches "tolerance" is totally intolerant of anyone who dares utter a word against them.


Decrees of political correctness and the doctrines of liberal mind control have swamped Europe to the point where Christian ministers are being arrested for reading Bible passages. It is also an illegal offence in Britain to criticize homosexuality.


Though, according to the BBC website, a significant majority seemingly support Newell, the comments of a hardcore of ninnying brainwashed liberal buffoons speaks volumes. Outside of the realm of soccer fans, the following sentiments are sure to reflect the majority in Britain.


"If it was left to Newell, women would end up like those in Nazi Germany - in the home, kitchen, and looking after children," remarks one.


So according to some of these lunatics, cooking, cleaning and caring for children is akin to fascism and mass genocide?


"Mike Newell's comments are a disgrace in the 21st Century. This sort of thing now would even be out of order in the deep south of America," froths another.


Unfortunately the Newell saga is just a drop in the ocean of a society infested with enforced rules about vocabulary, concepts and opinions that one can barely utter a sentence without offending some minority and being liable for hate crime accusations.


The only remaining sectors of society it is permissible to lambaste or make fun of is pedophiles and Christians - question any other minority, sexuality, race, gender or religion and the thought police are on your back in an instant. The sheep herd the rest of the sheep and no one is allowed to step outside of the pen.




- In November 2002 BBC presenter Robin Page was arrested for saying in a speech a month earlier that the farming community should have the same rights as Muslims, homosexuals and vegetarians. Police traveled from 200 miles away to question Page, before detaining him in a prison cell with dried feces on the wall and later charging him with incitement to racial hatred - simply for stating farmers should have the same rights!


- In 2001, Gloucestershire Police set up 'Operation Napkin' in which senior police officers were sent to 'ethnic restaurants' to eat four-course dinners and at the same time listen out for "racist hate speech." Arrests were made as a result of the program.


- In January a student who called a mounted policeman's horse "gay" was arrested under section 5 of the Public Order Act for making homophobic remarks and taken to court.


- Just last month a 14-year-old school girl was arrested in Manchester for making a "racist comment," after she refused to work with a group of Asians during a science tutorial because none of them spoke English.


- Reports of "hate crime raids" where PC subversives are rounded up like terrorists by police are commonplace.


- In the U.S., members of the Repent America organization were arrested and criminally charged, with prosecutors attempting to secure 47-year prison sentences, for the crime of reading Bible passages on the street during Philadelphia's 2004 "Outfest" gay pride march.


Hate crime legislation that will render such examples routine is now being introduced and passed in major western countries, including the U.S., where a federal hate crime bill that passed the House added "sexual orientation" to the list of hate crimes, effectively criminalizing the Bible. Although this is obviously only selectively enforced at present, the arrival of a Hillary Clinton in 2008 could entail fines, censures and even arrests of radio hosts, commentators and public speakers simply for criticizing homosexual marriage and gay adoption.


The hate crime agenda is a trojan horse to eliminate free speech. Moral, upstanding individuals are treated as second class citizens while all manner of sub-cultures are exalted and used as controlled opposition to constrict the boundaries of acceptable discourse, thus criminalizing virtually everything we dare say and tarring us as racists, gay-bashers and bigots.

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Well, yeah, I wouldn't have said what he said but it really was an isolated comment which wouldn't have really made any change to any FA policy and he should have just been told to deal with it.


Although, he should be able to say that she was terrible official if indeed she was. And if he feels she was just put there for Political Correctness and didn't do her job properly then he has a right to say that.


I know he maybe flew off the handle a little and I personally don't have a problem with women being involved in officiating football......but the point above is a fair one. If they bring in women because they feel that they need to and the job performance isn't good then I would expect this type of reaction.

I'd feel the same if they brought a man into a given position purely based on political correctness and he was terrible.


Comments like "If it was left to Newell, women would end up like those in Nazi Germany" are ridiculous. Totlally un-called for really.

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