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Chris martin ghost writing?


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Oh come on, that's not "ghost writing" it's ghost writing if someone uses a song and claims he's written it himself. But we KNOW that Chris wrote them, so he didn't do "ghost writing", he LENT or GAVE the songs to others :P


And yeah, another one would be "Gravity" which he gave to Embrace a few years ago..

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Yeah, "Beach Chair" and "Dry Your Eyes" aren't examples of ghost writing because, in the former, he's featured on the song singing what he wrote, and in the latter, he didn't actually write the chorus that he sung, it was already written before Chris hopped on the track.


Gravity, for Embrace, is an example, Jamelia is also. Another example is Nelly Furtado's "All Good Things Come to an End". He wrote quite a few lyrics for that song, but Nelly sings it in the album version.

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