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What 10 minute-slice of your life would you re-live?

Flying Sparks

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I saw something similar on a blog lately and thought it would be something interesting to put on here - the question is what 10 minutes from your life you would like to live again. It's not about going back to change anything, it's just about being there and re-experiencing a certain moment for the second time!


No matter if a special concert, a first date, a kiss, the birth of a child, your graduation day - what moment would YOU like to re-live if you could?



Here are some interesting posts from that blog:


* Off the top of my head, the only things that spring to mind are the encore at the first real concert I went to (Feeder, before their Coldplay-phase. They played ‘Just a Day’ and it was awesome.) and getting my good leaving and/or junior cert results, which probably marks me down as a huge nerd.



* One Sunday at around 2pm, I spoke to my brother on the phone briefly about inane silly things like what I did with the car keys and the fact that he was up early that morning, unusual for a Sunday. He committed suicide, we think, two hours later.


I could have that phone call back.



* If it were possible I’d like to go back to my first ten minutes of being self-aware or just coming into this world. That would be quite an experience I would think.



* I do not do regrets and I do not reruns.


The past is like a foreign country that you don’t have a visa for. You hear a lot about it, and people are sometimes interested in hearing the story, but you can’t go back there.



Maybe you can identify with one of them? It shows how different the answers can be, so please make up your own :)

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Great topic! And interesting post! :)


I'd re-live my last friday during my birthday party (doesn't matter which 10 minutes interval, it was fun all the time)


Or some 10 minutes from the end of July and beggining of August when I felt love and was loved.


Will think more about it later...

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that thing about that person's brother's suicide is... scary.

however. there are many many moments i'd like to re-live.

just please give me back the first ten minutes after we won against Argentina in the WC. that was just... amazing. i can't even find a words. it was not the fact that we beat Argentina. it was the fact that we really had the chance to win and that we turned the whole game around.

the whole WC was out of this world. best time of the year for sure.

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The ten minutes......after the penalties in this World Cup final....the craziest ever in my life......running with my friends as mads to the balcony shouting, jumping and calling my mum at the phone:"MAMMAAAAAAAAAAAA.........SIAMO CAMPIONIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!":D

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