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i'm back!


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hi gail, i'm half filo, anyway, don't know you but welcome back to the site!



hey lana! :nice: how have you been?

hey, Kathy :kiss: .. i've been very well thanks.. also i've been very addicted to Mew.. :D :dance:.. oh &.. i'm talking from school.. now. :wink3:

how about you? everything well ?

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haha, ME TOO! it's great...they have so many great songs it's ridiculous! :wacky:


lol how very cheeky of you.

i've been great thanks. the uni semester is over so now i'm working till it resumes next year.....oh and summer being here tomorrow :dance: have fun studying!

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thanks gail' date=' i'm not sure if you're the same person they were talking about, but there is a thread about a "gail" it's in the lounge section. if it's you, then you have been missed lol[/quote']



Of course she has been missed..I was at the top of the list for ppl missing her..:smug:

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