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Lyric vs. Lyric Game

Guest REManic

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And i cant stop running, such a long long time... Can you hear my heart beating? :rolleyes: Z przyczn wyższych, oczywiście xD


a. Give me time, give us a kiss, my love, tell me your own politik!

b. I hear the sound of ticking clocks.

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God damn it, mistake once again :(:(:(


Oh, Kuba, Kuba... :laugh3: I've recollected the song from Kulfon & Monika :laugh3: Did you watch this? It was like, Kulfon, Kulfon, co z Ciebie wyrośnie? :laugh3: Yeah. Kuba, Kuba, co z Ciebie wyrośnie? xDD

Never mind. :dozey: How original lyrics, hmmm. I guess a is better.


a. Spies came out of the water...

b. You've got the secrets, I only have sleeping sun.

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