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Final Fantasy

Corner Kid

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Come on, any fans?


I love the series, I'm addicted... Since March of this year, I pulled out my collection and played them all over again, during that month, I played and mastered (mastered meaning solved all the secrets, and mastered the characters, not just played straight through) VII and VIII. I started IX and got to disk 3, then bought FFX and immediately started that game, now I'm about 95 hours into that game and I have to master my main character, then I'll beat the game and move back to IX. But wait, I got Xenosaga for my birthday. mergh... i guess IX will have to wait some more...


Top Five FF Games:


1. VII

2. VI (III in U.S.)

3. FF Tactics

4. X


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I'm still yet to play Final Fantasy VIII. I heard from a lot of people it's the best one. i liked part Vii best. I managed to destroy all of those Weapon things, but I couldn't destory the one that's in the desert.

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if you cast Knights of the Round on Ruby Weapon, he counters with Ultima, so I never did it that way...

he never did that to me?



Final Fantasy IX wasn't that good. My favorite are the two futuristic ones. Seven and Eight


i agree, the only thing i liked about IX was vivi and lindeblum, black mages rule!

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Bioware Games:


Baldurs Gate

Baldurs Gate II

Icewind Dale

Icewind Dale II

Planescape Torment

Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance


GENIUS! The most faithful recreation of traditional D&D type fantasy in computer gaming :D

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