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aww bless! EVERYONE should be this happy!


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over at aintitcool.com, they have a small interview with the actress Bai Ling on her work in "The World of Tomorrow" which she is inwith Jude Law and Gwyneth. she was asked about Chris and this is what she said:


“She’s really, really in love with him because when we were shooting he was there all the time. In between the takes, they were kissing and hugging. It was sweet. You can see the smile and the light in her. She’s really happy. I love his music. I think they are very smart and intelligent people and they share love and respect.”


How can anyone resent this relationship when they make each other so happy!! And they've both been unlucky in love for far too long! AWW!! just makes me want to jump around in the sun with lots of fluffy kittens....!!

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