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Isle Of Wight Festival 2007

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07 June 2007 - 10 June 2007

2 days to go!


With only days to go until the Isle of Wight Festival, the ghosts of hippies gone by are gearing up for the next set of rock giants to galvanize the garden isle.


Records show the true rock and roll traditions of the festival; here’s what will be heading for the history books this year…


From its humble hippy beginnings in 1968, with two trailers as a stage, to nearly a million riotous revellers destroying the festival’s fence just two years later, the Isle Of Wight Festival is doused in festival folklore. The 1970 festival was to be the stage for Jimi Hendrix’s last ever performance and the final event of its kind on the Isle Of Wight for some 32 years, thanks to the draconian ‘Isle of Wight Act’.


The act banned any future festivals from ever taking place on the island again, but a surge in musical interest, filled by the hunger for a new festival, saw organisers resurect the event in 2002 and it has been growing in stature ever since. 2002's Rock Island started as a one day event before, much like its predecessor, it quickly evolved into a mammoth musical ocassion. 2003 saw the festival turn into a two day affair before it settled on its current three day status.


The festival's 32-year hiatus seems to have done it more good then harm with acts like Bowie and Dylan to the Foo Fighters and The Who all performing at the event in recent years. In its heyday, organisers managed to draw the biggest names in rock and roll to the island and this year is no different. Muse, the contemporary champions of their genre, tread the boards the night before the greatest granddads of rock, The Rolling Stones, come to paint the Wight black.


Ten things to see at this year’s festival:


Carbon/Silicon Main Stage - Saturday.

Your chance to see two punk pioneers almost exactly 30 years since the scene exploded with The Sex Pistols’ single ‘God Save The Queen’. Punk veterans Mick Jones and Tony James, members of The Clash and Generation X respectively, are back to ignite the anniversary of anarchy.


Bastila Platform One Bandstand – Sunday 6PM.

Bastila are as pleasing as finding a tenner in an old pair of jeans. The local band confidently combine ska and reggae to produce some top 2-Tone tunes. They have a certain likening to The Specials, but hold a darker edge. Mix that with their enigmatic and energetic front man and top it off with a brass section bolder than Braveheart and the festival is left with a gem of an act.


Keane Main Stage - Sunday

Somewhere only they know, Keane perch between piano pop and infectious anthems but still they remain rock and roll enough for rehab. A chance to see how the loveable band from Battle perform, with lead singer Tom Chaplin playing his first UK festival since leaving The Priory.


Amy Winehouse Main Stage - Saturday

To be 'Frank', the reckless 'Rehab' star is a must see. Her killer voice coupled with a collection of catchy, well written soul, jazz and RnB songs is enough to pop an ear in, but her unpredictable behaviour and dress sense will make sure your eyes join the party too. Amy Winehouse is the opposite of Tom Chaplin, declining to put herself into rehab. Now it’s your chance to see if she’s made the right decision.


Groove Armada Main Stage – Friday

One of the monsters of dance music bring their unique sound to the Island for their second appearance at the festival. With a back catalogue full of hits and one of the most recognisable dance sounds around, the Armada is ready to set sail with funk, big beat and electronic grooves heading straight for the main stage on the Friday night. Look out for ‘At the River’ - it’s almost written for the Isle of Wight.


Norman Jay Bacardi B-Live - Saturday 3PM

An absolute DJ legend, Norm started out with his infamous warehouse parties in the 80s, before establishing himself through Kiss 100, while it was still a pirate radio station, and then making his mark on the Notting Hills Arts festival. Amazing eclectic sets with an inate ability to read the crowd has led to a huge following for the funk and soul pioneer. Likely to play the best DJ set you will see all weekend - in front of the best crowds.


The Bees Hipshaker Lounge – Saturday 8PM

Playing on home turf, the eclectic and unique sounds of The Bees echo the great island festivals of the past. With sounds ranging from funk to folk to psychedelia, the band seem to wrap up the history of the festival with their own diverse selection of tracks. So tie up those dancing shoes and get your hip replacement tightened to join the boys in the Hipshaker Lounge Saturday evening.


Annie Mac Strongbow Cider House – Saturday 11PM

The Radio 1 DJ will be taking the Saturday night off to travel down to the Isle of Wight for a bit of after hours mayhem. The Irish queen of electronic music will brings her beeps, beats and basslines to the


Muse Main Stage – Saturday

One of the great British rock acts, Muse look set to blow the top off the festival just as they have done in recent years at Glastonbury and the Carling Weekend. Clever guitar work, endless energy, even a Nina Simone cover, the trio are consistently brilliant and simply made for the outdoor stage. With a repetoire of ground-shaking anthems, Muse are an act you cannot miss - the ideal headliners.


The Rolling Stones Main Stage - Sunday

A must see. The ageing rock stars have left us with a barrage of huge hits and a multitude of great albums, as well as having a living rock and roll icon in Keith Richards. With mesmorising licks, sing-a-long lyrics and of course, one of the greatest front men of all time in Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones are the ultimate must see this year. They should prove a cracking festival closing band and, opposed to common rumours, they may not actually live forever!


The Isle Of Wight Festival takes place this weekend at Seaclose Park, Isle Of Wight, this weekend (8-10 June)



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Fake Isle of Wight festival goods uncovered


INVESTIGATIONS are under way after a quantity of counterfeit Isle of Wight Festival goods were found on sale in two shops.


The T-shirts are said to have bore unauthorised brand names and logos, contravening trade marks and copyright laws.


Officers from the Isle of Wight trading standards department seized the goods after receiving a complaint about one of the premises in Newport. They then swooped on another premises in the town.


An Island council spokesman said trading standards bosses would be continuing their investigations into traders selling unauthorised festival goods throughout this week in the run-up to the festival which starts tomorrow.



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Rolling Stones to headline Isle of Wight music festival




More than 30,000 music fans will be heading to the Isle of Wight this weekend to see the Rolling Stones headline their first UK festival appearance in more than 30 years.


This year's event is the sixth since the festival was relaunched 30 years after its heyday when it attracted up to one million hippies to the island.


The Isle of Wight festivals at the end of the 1960s were a series of legendary events featuring Bob Dylan, The Who, Free, The Doors, Joni Mitchell and Jefferson Airplane, culminating in 1970 with 600,000 hippies descending on the island to see Jimi Hendrix perform his penultimate concert.


Since re-starting the festival, world-renowned acts such as Coldplay, The Who, David Bowie, Robert Plant, Lou Reed, Foo Fighters and REM have played.


John Giddings, of festival organisers Solo, said: "We would never have attempted to restart the festival without having such a strong history - the Isle of Wight was the Woodstock of Europe.


"I saw Jimi Hendrix there, and was proud to be offered the chance to contribute to the island's musical heritage.


"The unique location brings out the best in artists; it relaxes them and contributes to some stunning performances.


"It only lasted three years in the 1960s and we are on our sixth, so things are looking good."


The Rolling Stones, whose last UK festival was Knebworth Fair in 1976, kicked off their European tour in Belgium this week with a 30-mile traffic jam of fans queueing to see them in the town of Werchter.


But the critics and 33,000 fans were wowed by the old-timers' "A Bigger Bang" tour which will feature 30 gigs across Europe including performances in Belgrade, Serbia, and in St Petersburg, Russia, which the band has never visited before.


In addition to making stops in Eastern Europe, the band will play in Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and Scandinavia.


The Stones' previous tour became the highest-grossing in concert history in November 2006, netting the band more than £50 million last year and putting them at the top of Forbes' annual list of music's biggest earners.


Ben Jones, DJ for Virgin Radio, which is broadcasting from the festival, said the presence of the Rolling Stones confirms the Isle Of Wight's place as a major fixture on the UK circuit.


He said: "In previous years I thought the Isle of Wight Festival was doing pretty well with acts like The Who and David Bowie who I'd never seen live before.


"But someone has been pulling some strings to get the Stones to play (and) this also shows how seriously bands now regard the festival."


The Nokia Isle of Wight Festival starts today at Seaclose Park, Newport, and runs until Sunday.


Other bands performing include rockers Muse, Keane, Kasabian, Snow Patrol, Donovan, Amy Winehouse and ex-Spice Girl Melanie C, with the Rolling Stones finishing the event on Sunday evening.



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there were people at the bus station in Glasgow this morning going to it. I actually almost cried.......so wanted to go again this year. It was great. Such a nice, relaxed atmosphere and quite possibly the best weather I've ever experienced in the UK!

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The kings of cool




Although this year's Isle of Wight festival was the Rolling Stones' first appearance at a UK festival in 31 years, many of the young people who'd shelled out £130 had only vague ideas of who the legendary rockers were.


"Old guys - I know they were sort of important in terms of the history of rock and roll," said the boy in the White Stripes T-shirt. "I mean, Keith Richards is the guy Johnny Depp used as a model for Captain Jack [in the Pirates of the Caribbean films]. You can't get cooler than that, can you?"


In fact, none of the younger bands who appeared over the weekend could really out-cool the Stones.


On Friday, the Feeling hit a note of gentle 1970s nostalgia with cute harmonies that had the crowd singing along. Headliners Snow Patrol offered a rather earnest, melancholic set, too similar to Coldplay's performance last year.


Muse, who topped the bill on Saturday night, proved all energetic virtuosity, with nothing much underneath. Singer Matthew Bellamy took himself very seriously in his sharp blazer, occasionally breaking the repetitive sequence of chunky industrial rock to sit at a perspex-lidded grand piano to churn out some big, Rachmaninovian chords.


Glaswegian trio the Fratellis won over more fans with their lairy, three-chord anthems. Former Spice Girl Mel C and James Morrison sang pleasantly forgettable mainstream pop-rock, and, as shoulders in the crowd turned an angry pink in the 24C heat, the talk turned increasingly to the Stones.


When the celebrated rock band appeared in a dazzle of weathered sequins, they began a masterclass in rock and roll. Mick Jagger strode out at a pace that would have left most twentysomethings wheezing, to rip into an exuberant blues-rock set.


Paolo Nutini was indulged by Mick as co-vocalist on a deep-blues version of Love in Vain. Amy Winehouse also shared a stage with the band later in the evening, kneeling at Jagger's feet and channelling a glorious vinyl-soul vibe as Jagger grinned down at her almost parentally.


But for sheer energy and charisma the Stones blew off all newcomers. As the band sailed out on a treadmill platform into the crowd, the applause was enormous. "He's great!" gushed one twentysomething woman as the sixtysomething band launched into Honky Tonk Woman.


Jagger really is a revelation: so much passion. After the Stones strut from the stage, the weekend is done. And the crowd have had their satisfaction.



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