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I see THE CHAD lurking!!!

Sweet One

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heys laura!


Hey Amanda! :)


....i dont want no fly guy....i jus want a shy guy.....oh lord have mercy... mercy...di man dem ina di party....party... di ole a dem look sexy....sexy....sexy


Oh dear!




awwwww...The Chad left..he didn't even say hello. :( I miss the chad. :|

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hahaha' date=' I'm here, i just get caught up in other things... Or ya know when you're replying to something and it takes you forever to figure out what to say and how to say it... yeah, that too...[/quote']


Is this the Chad?

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haha, sometimes i spend a lot of time on one post... Like my post in the "Other Music" forum, it took me like an hour to write about my songs and post them. Then no one saw the thread, haha... It just got caught up in the flow of things...

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