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summer IS really here


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today was actually not as bad as recently, i didnt look at the temp earlier but my car said 85 on the way home tonight, not like last week where it was freakin upper 90s, then a sudden downpour for like 5 min, then sun again, i was drenched and i never even went outside!

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Freaky weather you got down there in keenesaw. :D


UnderwaterSPY, your A/C is on?? LUCKY!! :lol:



Hey its not the best but it works! HA! its one of those knock out your window, use ALOT of duct tape to tape a bunch of glass pieces around it cause the window is too dam big for the A/C, and oh ya wires on the outside to keep it from falling out ! :lol: :lol: :lol:


All worth it for some quality cool breeeez!


Uh garcette, another tequila sunrise please! 8)

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