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Viva For NEVER??


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ABOVE: CRASH: Spice Girls



23rd November 2007




Your Shout ( 2 )


THE bubble has burst for the Spice Girls as fans sell off their tour tickets on the cheap.


They are being unloaded online for as little as £22 – a third of the face value. The desperate sale comes after disappointed fans heard the band’s new single.


The Spices’ first London night at the 23,000-capacity O2 arena on December 16 sold out in just 38 seconds. Tickets for extra dates in London and Manchester’s MEN arena were also snapped up.


But a pair for the January 3 show, which should have cost £170, have gone for £50 on eBay. And a ticket for the first UK night went for just £22.19 – more than £40 less than face value.


Scores more have been flogged on the cheap and prices are now expected to fall even lower. A source said: “It’s really quite embarrassing.


“There was a lot of buzz about their big comeback but so far it hasn’t lived up to the hype.


“The single and album haven’t done as well as expected, and now there’s a big question mark over the live shows.”


The Spice Girls’ comeback single Headlines only scraped into the midweek pop charts at No 10.


The Children In Need charity track has so far sold less than 6,000 copies and is being trounced by X Factor stars Leona Lewis, 22, and Shayne Ward, 23.

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Girl power failure: Spice Girls play to an half-empty crowd


Last updated at 16:33pm on 10th December 2007 commentIconSm.gif Comments (3)

Promoters boasted of a sell-out tour, but it appears a number ticket holders had second thoughts about seeing the Spice Girls perform in concert last night.


Almost half of the seats in the Mandalay Arena auditorium were empty as the group took to the stage for their second show in Las Vegas.


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spicegirls2bm_468x369.jpgDisappointment: the girls performed in Las Vegas but a number of ticket holders failed to turn up to their Las Vegas show last night





Although WAG Coleen McLoughlin eagerly snapped up her spot and defeated boxer Ricky Hatton joined David Beckham in a private box, they didn't make up for the high number of vacant seats.


Still, Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm played on with their now familiar routine.


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spicegirls6bm_468x401.jpgFan club: Coleen McLoughlin watched on as fellow WAG Victoria Beckham took to the stage


spicegirls7bm_468x395.jpgVIP: David Beckham watched on from a private box


It's not the first disappointment the Spice Girls have encountered since their reunion.

Their charity comeback single Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) is the worst selling Children in Need song ever after it scraped into the UK midweek charts at No.10.


They were overshadowed by X Factor winners Leona Lewis & Shayne Ward, as well as pop princess Kylie Mingogue.


The Spice Girls play their last show in Las Vegas on Tuesday night before heading to New York.


spicegirls3bm_468x548.jpgIn step: Posh posed her way through the performance


spicegirls1bm_468x281.jpgAll heart: the Spice Girls will perform another show in Las Vegas tonight

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Wardrobe malfunction for Posh as the Spice Girls hit the UK


By BEVAN HURLEY - More by this author » Last updated at 10:07am on 16th December 2007 commentIconSm.gif Comments (23)

The Spice Girls' first UK dates in almost a decade were sure to feature some figure-hugging costumes.


But when the girls took to the stage at London's O2 Arena tonight, Victoria Beckham showed a little more flesh than expected – and in all the wrong places.

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poshspiceR1512_468x804.jpgOops! So your top was too tight, Posh


The 33-year-old suffered a "wardrobe malfunction", spilling out of her tight golden corset and exposing an unattractive lump of flesh just under her right armpit.

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spicegirlsG1512_468x350.jpgViva forever: The Spice Girls opened their 2007 tour tonight at the O2 arena



Rumour had it that Posh had her breast implants taken out before the world tour, fearing they would pop out of her Roberto Cavalli outfits during energetic dance routines.

But it seems that wasn't enough.

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spiceG1512_468x301.jpgReunited: The girls loving their return



As the girls opened the first of 17 nights in the former Millennium Dome, they told fans: "It's so good to be home."

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spicegirlsG1512_468x262.jpgComeback: The girls cried to fans 'It's good to be home'


Baby Spice Emma Bunton took to the stage without crutches, despite straining her ankle during a show in Las Vegas, and yelled: "We're back together again!"

Scroll down for more...


melcAP1512_468x530.jpgAnd zigazig ahh


Geri Halliwell added: "What a crowd – we love you London!"

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gerispicePA1512_468x648.jpgGeri: 'What a crowd - we love you London!'


Emma's injury had forced the band to cancel a planned appearance on BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing.




What the critics said:

TV presenter June Sarpong said: "The show was fantastic - and well done, Baby. Emma Bunton was on crutches a couple of days ago, but fought back to dance and grind on stage...giving it her all.

"All their voices sounced really strong and I loved Geri's Union Jack dress. Great dancing too - and the visuals were stunning.

"And God bless Victoria Beckham. Only she can get away with standing in front of 20,000 fans doing nothing but posing and still get the crowd in a frenzy.

"Many said it would never happen - but Girl Power is back. Wow."

The News of the World said: "The Spice Girls gave the show of the century in Britain last night - their first gig here for nine years.

"The re-formed band took to London's O2 stage in front of 20,000 fans, and were bigger, bolder, brasher, and, yes, more brilliant."

The Sunday tabloid gave the girls 9/10 for their performance.

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i don't give two shits what people might say about the "comeback," everybody i know that's seen them said it was awesome. and frankly, i'm pretty jealous they got to go and i didn't. they were the first group i remember really being a fan of.


i am so fucking sick of that beckham bullshit though. get those two out of my country :cry:

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I was 4! :stunned:


Yes, definitely to young to know better.

"Stop right now, thank you very much,

I need somebody with the human touch,

Hey you always on the run,

Gotta slow if down baby, gotta have some fun"


I absolutely worshipped that song...


Well when you're four, it probably seems like the best song you've ever heard!!:P

After all, it's music designed for kiddies!!

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Spice Girls bust up backstage as Posh steals the show


Last updated at 11:28am on 17th December 2007 commentIconSm.gif Comments (13)

There's trouble in Spice paradise.

While it was billed as their triumphant return home, the group's first London concert was marred by a huge row backstage.


Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Mel C and Emma Bunton weren't best pleased with the special treatment Posh was receiving.


Scroll down for more...

spicegirlsAP1712_468x371.jpgTrouble: the group had a huge row backstage after their London show, according to sources



Every time Victoria Beckham took to the microphone the crowd in the O2 Arena burst into insane applause, despite the fact she didn't have very many lines to sing.

Posh's microphone was turned down lower than the rest of the girls' and every time she tried to speak to the crowd nobody could hear what she had to say.


Victoria, whose husband David and three sons were in the audience, wore the highest heels which meant she towered over the rest of the girls, and during the encore she did not wear her cape with her hood up, as was part of the ensemble, preserving her perfectly groomed hair.


Scroll down for more...

spicegirlsLL_468x362.jpgHoody hassle: Posh shirked her hood to keep her hair pristine


spicegirls1LL_468x335.jpgStanding tall: Victoria’s heels ensured she held the upper ground


She also managed to upstage the other girls' with a slick solo strip-style pole dance.

A source said: “All of these silly petty things just got on the nerves of the other girls. And to top it off when Victoria kept getting the loudest applause and cheers, it really grated on the others.

"The fact Posh probably had the least to do but was getting the best reception was a bit disheartening. It all blew up backstage afterwards and there were some very stern words and evil looks exchanged."


When the girls, who are doing a 17-date run in the O2 Arena, went to afterparty together with their families and friends, the tension was still palpable, according the source.

poshLL_468x914.jpgCrowd pleaser: Posh did not sing as much as others, but got more applause

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Spice Girls for sale: Despite the hype tonight's concert is NOT a sell-out


Last updated at 12:53pm on 18th December 2007 commentIconSm.gif Comments

poshLL_228x530.jpgFirst night: Posh on stage at O2


Tickets to see the Spice Girls at the O2 tonight are still available - despite the hype surrounding their sold-out first performance.

It seems Girl Power is on the wane as the group's second performance, on Sunday, was reported to be less than full and tonight's show has plenty of seats available.



Saturday's show at the O2, the Spice Girls' first performance together in the UK for eight years, was boasted to have sold all 23,000 tickets in 38 seconds.



The girls, included Mel B who was spotted at Cipriani with husband Stephen Belafonte last night, then added 16 more dates because of the overwhelming enthusiasm.



But the initial rush on tickets was not all it seemed as the internet touts, who bought thousands, started selling them for less than a third of their face value.



And audience members at the venue on Sunday said it was noticeably empty, with one saying there were “a couple of hundred” spare seats. Today, found seats available on the O2 website.


An O2 spokesperson said today: “I can't comment on what someone said about empty seats, but Sunday's show was sold out.”




spicegirls1LL_468x335.jpgEmpty seats: their tour has proved to be not such a sell-out after all





She added: “A handful of production seats are released from time to time, so there are a few seats available for tonight. There are also a couple of shows in January that aren't sold out yet.”



The Spice Girls' performances have been praised by critics for the slickness of the choreography, though most agreed the singing has been lacklustre and the group's trademark energy had lessened since they first burst on the pop scene in 1996.


melbMATRIX1812_468x829.jpgLast night: Mel B and husband Stephen Belafonte dined at the Mayfair restaurant after a Make A Wish charity evening at Selfridges


melbGOTCHA1812_468x425.jpgPhone a friend: Stephen makes a call leaving Mel B to people watch

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