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What Would you Do in my Place?


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ok, so despite my craziness of tonight, i have a serious question. i've been asking it to the people i know in real life, but sometimes i feel like i know and like you guys better. so here it goes.


i'm currently at a university (well, college) in pennsylvania. i like it in general, i like it as much as i'm going to like any college. the campus is beautiful, the facilities are nice, they have a GREAT year abroad program...i could go on and on about the nice things here. the problem is that they don't offer my major here, which is film. i knew this going in, but thought i would stick it out or major in something else. but now i know that there's nothing else i would ever major in, because film is something i've decided to pursue until it's blatantly obvious i'm not getting anywhere. i have the option of creating my own program of study here, but i know that in the end i could get a much better education in film somewhere else that could mean better graduate school opportunities and better jobs in the future, as well as a better education.


i've pretty much decided to apply to this other school, which was my number-one school to begin with, but i didn't get in the first time. i think i'll have a bit of a better chance this time. while they have a great film program, i wouldn't have to study anything besides film there, and it's much closer to where i live (which is a good thing), frankly there are some things that aren't as good as the place i'm in now.


so: what would you do? would you go to the school with the better academics, or would you stay where you are because you really like it and don't want to transfer out and change up everything again? :confused:

i just don't have any idea what i'd do in december if i find out that i did in fact get into this other uni with the great film program, and i want to see what other people would do.

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I'd transfer.


I'm not very good at backing up my answers or supporting my decisions, but I'll try.


I'd have to make that decision because the opportunity would just be too great to pass up. I mean, sure, I'd be content at this college where it's nice, but I'd be learning more about what I love at the other school. Even though it would be somewhat annoying changing everything again, it'd be great to attend a school where I could study film and be very very happy about it and eventually maybe have a lot of success in the field.


But I've never been to college, so I can't really answer it.

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We'll we've talked about this briefly before, but if I was in your place, I would definitely look into this other, "better" place. The thing is, I would be too afraid to look back on my decisions 10 years from now and say "if only I'd taken that film course". If its definitely better suited to your needs and its not too far away from home, then go for it. You've only been at you're college for a few months, right? I'm not sure if you've really connected with anyone yet or whether you've decided to stay in you're dorm most of the time, but if it's still all feeling a bit new to you, maybe you should make a move before you get too settled. I've always felt slightly out of place in previous institutes (academic ones that is), but not here. When I looked at the distances involved with my chosen Uni (University of Kent) I was put off because it was so far away from home. But when I got there, I didn't regret it. The course is good, and I'm working with like-minded people, which makes the whole experience a whole lot more enjoyable.


The fact that you are having doubts at this stage in your education tells me that a change of plan is in order. You should be happy on your course and know that it will help you get closer to your dreams. And I'm not talking about being unhappy with 2 or 3 modules. If the whole course is not for you, then I would consider looking for an alternative. It would be eating me up inside if I knew that moving to this other place was not only possible, but also miles better in terms of what the course offers, and the fact that it's closer to home. It is a risk, but one worth taking to be honest.


I may sound a little too confident, but in my experience these radical decisions can only make things better in the long run. But think it through Chelsea, it's something that needs time to sink in.

Lengthy post but I hope it helps :nice:

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you're so right. i think i just needed to hear all these things from other people to get the confidence to do it. i decided in the past week that i'm pretty much definitely applying to this better place (that i originally REALLY wanted to go to, but didn't get in), but i'm still freaking out a bit at the prospect of the potential decision i may have in december (because it's too late for me to go for next september; if i transfer it's got to be beginning in january 2009). i guess that's something that i need to think about only once i get there.


my other dilemma in this is that the new place i might be going (vassar, it's called; i should really talk about these places with names) might not let me go abroad because i'm a transfer, and if they do let me go abroad, they might make me do a 5th year, which i'm really not keen on. going abroad is HUGELY important to me, and if they say that i can't go at all, i'm not going there and will either stay where i am (because i definitely can go abroad here) or will go somewhere else.


you're right about the whole settling-in thing as well; i've actually only been here for 8 weeks! i was forced to take a semester off. because of this, my college education will be REALLY patched-together: 2 semesters total at dickinson (where i am now), 2 semesters in england, and 3 at vassar. that's kind of insane, and they might not like that.


anyway, thanks a million for all the help. i like to get opinions from lots of places when making big decisions. somehow it helps :nice:

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+ Closer to your home

+ You can major in film

possible - they might not let you go abroad


solution: summer schools in Europe. If a mate of mine got to Stanford for a month, you could manage to find a summer program in EU, too ;)



so yeah, transfer. :)

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thanks guys :nice:

you all make a lot of sense


i'm not a fan of the place i'm currently in, which is central rural pennsylvania with quite a bit of poverty etc. the school i'd be going to is not in a brilliant area, either, but since it's only an hour from home i can escape from it better. right now i'm 4-5 hours from home, which is somewhat aggrivating.

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maybe not EVERY weekend, but it's a big plus. it's not even a homesickness thing; i just happen to like the area and don't like things like transport time getting in the way of the times that i DO want to go home. like i couldnt go home for easter yesterday and it made me sad :bigcry:


i also just really like being alone a lot of the time, so if i can go home easier, i can escape from the craziness when i need to :P

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