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If some banner maker are bored . . .

~ Sandy ~

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I know there are a lot of people very talented here . . .

Just if you're bored and if you can help me . . .


I'm looking for a banner with :

A goldfish, and some Irish stuff like shamrocks, Guinness . . .

Just the banner should include in a large format :

"Le poisson rouge au pays de la guinness en folie !"

The dimension : 800x200

And for the colors : green, orange and blue in majority . . .


Thank you very much guys !

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Well, I'm in Ireland for 7 months and I have a blog where I can tell

what I'm doing here. That's just for my friends and family.

I already have a banner but that's a crap !

I know you're very talented so maybe you can refresh my little "website" . . .

Something simple. Just use your imagination. ;)


Thanks a lot guys !

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Guest LiquidSky
Mary's passion for Guinness has no end. :P Tell them the "I used a plant stand to open a bottle of Guinness" story Mary. :laugh3:


what? hahaha we don't know about that one....:thinking:

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