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Why do guidance counselers suck?

The Mad Hatter

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We all had to talk to our guidance counseler about scheduling for next year.


We have these things called career clusters, and you get to pick which area you're interested in. In every career cluster, there are different sections for different professions. For every section, there is a suggested course plan for what classes you should take in what year.


The career cluster I chose was fine arts and humanities.


Today, when we were discussing what section I wanted to be put in, I kept saying I didn't really know. I actually did want to be in performing arts, but I felt like he'd give me that old "that's impossible, you'll never make it, be realistic" thing.


So he suggested I abandon fine arts and humanities and go for a very flexible public services section. I finally said, "I will be a musician." I felt all weird because I said "will" as if I knew what was going to happen.


He sort of made fun of me, in his own guidance counseler way, sort of chuckling or something. It didn't bother me, because I know what I want to do and it's not going to be impossible because it's the only thing I will ever want to do.


Okay. I don't know why I posted that here, but...yeah.


I do have good news. Since I started my major requirements this year, I'll have a bunch of free classes in my junior and senior year or something like that.

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I have careers guidance at secondary school early in year 9 in order to decide what gcses I wanted to pick up for the next 2 years.


The first guidance person was utter useless, the 2nd guidance person who came in and replaced him was rather good, pointed me in the right direction.

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ah, guidance counselors can suck. i think mine was pretty good for my needs, but my problem was that at the time i was much too afraid to even admit to myself that i wanted to study film and write movies rather than do something more practical and traditional like being a lawyer or politician like all my friends. so in that sense, i kind of got pointed in the wrong direction, but it wasn't her fault at all. since then i've said screw it, and am reapplying to some schools with film programs next year :dance:


my point is: good on you for telling him that you will be a musician, emily! that takes guts, i think, because i was too afraid to say that sort of thing even in my own head. i think it's great that you stuck it to him :D


(and i feel exactly the same way about film that you do about music! it's the only thing that i'll ever want to do anymore, so i'm going to pursue it until i live in a shitty trailer outside of LA with an outdated laptop stealing wifi from starbucks and can't even feed myself with what i make)

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seems that there's any anti humanism movement all around and specially concerning guidance counselers... :(


it happened something similar to me.

we went to a talk with our guidance, and just after we told her we were doing humanity (the two final years of high school you have to choose between: technic, humanity, science or socials, or arts (this last option wasn't at my HS), she looked at us, in a way none of us liked.. even she told us, 'oh humanity, if you were doing technic it would be better for you'...

the thing didn't stopped here, we all, 4 people, told her that we would like to study Journalism, and she told us not to study it, just for a case she knows, (her nephew that studied it and didn't succed to get a good job) :o


how they can be like that? they are meant to be open people, not someone that judges you and even gives you just an option for our future.

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Once I went to this counselor but just because I didn't know which uni and which program to put in first place. So there was an option that I'd have two major subjects and then classes for each of them. The first one was going to be translating and interpreting, but i didn't know what to choose as the second subject. and this &")"%$! suggested me to take History, just to study something along translating. that woman was nuts.


in the end i chose different uni with only one subject - translating.

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we have two counselers and they're both ok. Just last week i went crying (as in metaphoric sense) to one of them because i needed to take so many courses and i had too few of them and i want to become a dentist and i need those courses! And he helped me a lot.

So yeah. From next monday till june i'll have 2 courses of physics and a course of chemistry...all at the same time :sick: But ah well, got that thing sorted out!

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