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I hate this rilvary between women

Gitta Rensolo

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My example:


I am in a latin course at university. So there are 3 women (glamour chick-like women...)...they seem to think they are the prettiest at least in this course...


so I am a part of this course and with me there is one good uni friend of mine (let's call him my best male friend here, because we have many courses together and go out together a lot in our free-time...) and two other guys who I usually sit next to...


since some weeks they always are talking intensively to these 3 chicks during the lessons...I am jsut sitting next to them and listen...they don't talk that much to me anymore, maybe ebcause I'm not as hot as them or whatever....



so today quite pissed me off...they were standing outside before the lesson and I came over to them and this friend of mine was standing there too....I knew he's been out last night and been quite drunk....so he was really tired and hung over----but he was still nice to the others...so, I said something to him and, damn it, he was so unfriendly to me...for no particular reason....like "Ok this is jsut Julia and not one of those hot chicks"....


it just pissed me off....and my mood was rather bad afterwards...


it's just the fact that if those bitches are around (sorry, they are just plain stupid...they think they are the hottest and don' treat this friend of mine too nicely...ok they do it in a funny way but still.....they backbite about me and my friends....)....I always help this friend, I'm always nice to him and he is unfriendly to me....


if those bitches are around they are the centre of attention....and that pisses me off!Sometimes i had this world when it is so superficial...




on the other hand I do exactly know that they could never really be friends (my friend and them...)...I know that I ma actually more important and all that stuff...



but well....it's so interesting and frustrating how much looks sometimes matter....:dozey:

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dealing with peacocks


I think it's more a matter of lack of maturity on the part of both your friend and especially the "glamor chicks". It's all basically bullshit - they're acting like a bunch of peacocks at the zoo - and at about that level of mentality.:laugh3: I think you have every right to be pissed off, and need to explain why to your friend, so he understands what it is like to be in your shoes! In the long run, who wants to be with a bunch of bobble-headed bimbos??

I took Latin, and it definitely draws out some of the more superficial types (well, it's this "classy" language BS). Stick to getting a great education with real people - in the long run, they'll be there for you, and you'll be there for them. But what happens to the bimbos?? I think most of them wind up selling vacuum cleaners on the late-night TV sales shows or something..:laugh3: Just let it slide, and be yourself. Natural is the best way to be anyhow!

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I go to an all girls school' date=' rather friendly on my part, dont get that kind of "rilvary"[/quote']

you're a girl?!?! :o


:lol: I always thought you were a guy :P





Julia, give him some time and if it doesn't get better, tell him he's acting as an ass. :P

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Guest Grace

i so know what you're talking about, julia.


in fact, i do not get along with many girls.

i don't know why. there's always rivalry going on among women. always. especially among the ones that do not know one another too well.


it happens a lot when they're new to each other and most girls just aren't down to earth. they start talking crap and acting like total fools.

i bet there's quite a lot of girls at my school that think i'm either an idiot or a shallow bitch. hahaha. but that's mostly because i'm often too shy to talk to girls, which is rather weird.


i am not shy at all when it comes to hanging out with guys.

they're not so complicated. and i don't give a lot about what guys think about me. but i know what's going on in a girl's brain. i guess i just don't want them to get a wrong impression, but i always end up giving them a wrong one. :dozey:

erm. i went a bit off-topic, i know. but what i wanted to say is that i've experienced that, too. there's a lot of blokes out there who are into shallow bitches just because they look good or whatever. maybe because they're dumb. who knows? i don't think they'd ever admit it, but perhaps it's their subconscious mind that tell them that those girls are interesting because everyone is interested in them.

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Haha you are so right....I find it actually rather easy to get to know guys than getting to know girls...


I thought a lot about this the past weeks...and find it quite funny that you always have to be careful in front of women you don't know only because of this stupid rilvary...

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I'm so sorry Julia! I understand how you feel. And you guys are right, it's easier to get along with guys. Today in gym class my girl friends were pissing me off because they kept laughing and saying crap about me and I got very annoyed, so I sat with my guy friends at lunch. And it was nice, I didn't feel like I always had to defend myself and I could just relax and talk to them about school and politics and whatnot.


Women always have this unnecessary need to 'one-up' another, especially for something stupid, like boys. There's always cattiness and it annoys me to no end. You should have put your friend in his place.

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Yeah, I really don't get it either. I just try to treat them all nicely anyway and not play along. Seems to work- I'm not a threat or a rival so we all get on with our lives.



Though I was really thrown for a loop not long ago when someone started talking about "girl code" to me. Never heard of it. At all. Turns out it's a massive violation of girl code not to know about it. :freak:


But where the hooey do you find out about it if you're not one of *those* girls to begin with? They say it's supposed to keep you from getting in big catfights, yet the ones who supposedly follow it are the most likely to do that stuff to begin with.


Well too late for me anyway, apparently so I hear, I've already broken one of the biggest ones- dating a close friend's ex. Thanks for the heads up ahead of time ladies. But for the record, I asked her permission first. And I don't think she's heard of girl code either.


What a weird world. Has anyone else ever heard of it?

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There's a "guy code" I think, but I was never aware of a "girl code". Hmmmm.... I should ask my friends about it.


rules of engagement < tv show


theres also a marriage code




guy code > marrigae code > "girl code" (which apparently does not exsist)

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:laugh3:Codes! I think it's all BS anyhow.. Just put your feet in the other person's shoes, that's all any of us really needs to understand.. Leave the shallow types, and go for real. And what is this "Bros before hos" business?? Have you been living in Compton??:P

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