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Mountain Dew


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red bull and vodka is potentially fatal if you drink too much. it's like death in a glass, i think, if you go upwards of three. it freaks me out just thinking about it. and it tastes kind of yiccky to me anyway, but that's probably because i'm not a big fan of vodka or especially red bull. coffee and mountain dew are still my caffinated beverages of choice :D


caffeine didn't used to affect me either, but then i encountered insomnia somehow and now it's just not a good idea. now if i drink a mountain dew after noon, there's no way i'm getting to sleep before 1AM at the earliest. same with coffee. and i think i'd get mocked for drinking mountain dew with breakfast when i didn't want coffee :P

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yes it is 'i dont know'



has anyone had rassberry coke?

i had it when i went to fiji

amazing stuff


i remember i went on a long road trip when i was younger

all i had for that like day trip

was mountain dew

i still have it occasionally

but that trip has sort of put me off :D

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Red Bull FTW! Although it will probably kill me one day. :rolleyes:

The scary thing is, that caffine doesn't seem to affect me whatsoever. I get none of the shakiness or wackiness that other people seem to get. Strange.

Same with me. no energy affect.


BTW: I also love VANILLA COKE best.:D

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yamfox, how could you do this to me? :cry:

Mountain Dew is possible my favourite drink ever!

I've had it every time I've been in the states, which is only 3 times, but I'd give anything for them to sell it over here!! Its just so awesomely amazing!

Now I'm sad because I don't have a can of MD in my hands, I'll have to make do with my Dr Pepper :)

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