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what's your favorite snack food?

Professor Peedston

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bananas aren't bad for you' date=' so they don't count. :P[/quote']


Okay. *thinks* Have you tried the new Oreos with the mint creme? those are to die for. The peanut butter ones are good too.


There are also these sour cream and onion rings that you can only buy at Superstore. Those are the only chips I'll eat aside from SunChips.


*thinks some more* I just remembered my obsession with Sour Cream and Chive crackers by Christie. I must have a box when I'm studying. I absolutely pig out on those during midterms and finals.

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ok i have plenty of favorite snack foods so ill make a list

plantain chips aka platanitos or banana chips for some of u who dont know what that is, its the best!

TOSTITOS with or without salsa

chex mix (this one is kinda new)

carrot sticks with ranch dressing (did i spell carrot right? i dont knwo its 4 in the morning)

pastries like the guava and cheese ones

ham croquetas

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