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what's your favorite snack food?

Professor Peedston

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oh my freakin god, i cannot believe i forgot cheddar goldfishies, i think those are my ultimate favorite period. Oh and chocolate brownie frappucinos (sp?) with whip cream (those are so fatening :D )

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*gasp* Are we counting drinks as a snack food? Well then, I have more to add to my list.



any type of marguirita or daquiri (it would help if I could spell them :oops: )

Frappacino's from Starbucks

Toffee Icepresso Chillers from Second Cup

Caramel Caretto from Second Cup

Chocolate Banana lattes from Second Cup

Kaluah lattes from Timothy's

Tim Horton's coffee


Do you think I love coffee or what? :oops:


Oh yeah, Tim Horton muffins are the best! :D

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