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good morning from manchester


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Hi all :)

I guess this is the place to introduce myself.

I've been around for quite awhile, just never posted. (very rude i know, sorry :embarassed: )

I've loved the boys since I first heard shiver way back!!

I hope today brings everybody ear to ear smiles. I know i'm getting a bit giddy waiting to hear the new stuff.

Welcome back boys, you've been missed!!

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Ahhh thank you folks :)

tifosi, do i risk being banned for admitting to being a member of the blue side of the city? ;)

rudy_o I have indeed and am loving it muchly :)



No, I'll let you off for that. Even better if you like Oasis as well ;)

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Wow what a friendly place :)

Hi Hayley, Manchester is unusually sunny this morning !!! I have a heavy weekend of being sociable planned 'cos i don't get many weekends off :( so there may be a trail of destruction running through it by monday :D And yes my boat has definitely been floated!! the guitar sounds a tad dirty, I like that.

Tracie, thank you for the welcome. good luck to your boys in Russia.

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