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Review Death Cab For Cutie's Narrow Stairs -

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you could have posted in the 'death cab for cutie!' thread... we're talking about it there too. :)


but after a few listens id have to agree... i'm actually not a huge fan. it's kind of boring and there aren't really any standout songs to me. maybe it will grow on me like photo album did... i hope so.

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sorry - i didn't knew about the death cab thread!


that's exactly what I thought! No highlight songs!!!


Being Death Cab a possible contender for album of the year - and the result being so dissapointing - I am sure Viva La Vida will be it!

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i'm currently in love with this album. there are definitely stand out songs for me, particularly "cath..." and "grapevine fires," and although i do have to say that it's not much different than their previous stuff at all (besides "i will possess your heart" a bit), i'm not one that needs every album to be mindblowingly different for it to be good.


my opinion might change once i'm less excited about it and the novelty wears off, but for now i think this is on par with the photo album, transatlanticism, and plans, definitely. i think it's completely awesome :D

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