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The Official Cheer/Congradulate/ Announce Postings Thread

Oh HoNEy

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LOL there are too many congradulation/cheer threads....so... :D


everyone's extra threads are saved....


just post in here for announcements for whomever you are rooting for/congradulating in terms of posts....



GO Jewel!!!! you can do it!! make 300 to get your FIRST HEADPHONE!!! :o :o

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OH NO!! BAHH yah, l just registered last week..dammit! too many people are trying to get into the classes I WANT! :x anywho...... :oops: l got em anyways :D

l hope you get them too!! just remember, if it says its filled up/reserved *calll the department for example, *english* (l did it, and they gave me permission to enlist :D*


haha pudding?? aww never heard that one B4!! :lol: aww shucks...can l be chocolate pudding? cuz itsYUM! :D

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YES chocolate pudding is way better than vanilla' date=' although I'm not a fan of pudding I just like using the word :)[/quote']


woohoo!! can l be a combination of fudge, caramel and milk chocolate puddin?? :D


i LOOVEE that :o

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