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Hello everyone! My name is Dean, I'm 16 years old and from the state of Michigan in the United States. I've been a Coldplay fan for a much shorter time that most of you probably, getting into them when they played at Live 8 in 2005, and my friend sending me their song "A Message", which remains one of my favorite songs of all-time. My favorite Coldplay album (and all-around album) is the over-hated X&Y, but I love the other two just as well, and from the tracks leaked/released from Viva la Vida, it sounds like they're on there way to making a masterpiece.


Outside of Coldplay, I enjoy bands like Rilo Kiley (you may know them, they opened for Coldplay in '05, gutted I didn't ever see that!), Muse, The Beatles, etc. Pretty basic taste, check my last.fm account for more.


Besides bands... well, music makes up much of my life. This summer I am hoping to start a band, like every other teenager. I play guitar, bass, clarinet, a little bit of keyboard and drums as well. Hope to see you all around! Viva la vida!

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