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Viva La Vida release dates (12, 16, 17?)


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Release Dates


The album will be released by EMI on different dates according to region:

  • June 11 - Japan
  • June 12 - UK
  • June 13 - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium & Ireland
  • June 14 - Australia & New Zealand
  • June 16 - All other locations
  • June 17 - USA & Canada

Wikicoldplay ;)

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japan always seems to be first, for some reason. and then UK/EU countries, then america/canada etc the day after. but they're really messing the traditional way of doing things up this time! once again, i wonder why the HELL the music industry bothers to do it this way--it just encourages leaking and illegal sharing to other countries. i guess i'm naive, but it just seems to me that one worldwide would make the most financial sense.


anyway, i think i'll be pretty easy to find online on the 12th for everyone that doesn't get it then...but i really think that everyone that will end up getting it illegally (because you know that there will be hundreds of people doing that) should either buy the official release once it's out in your respective country and/or donate to oxfam/CCC or something to make up for it :D


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im not a patient persoon..i know the albumw ill be all over the net once it releases in japan..but i'll definately wait until the real release of the album in the US..haha i'll be the only person in my city camping out for Viva La Vida :D

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i bet that you would not stand the fact that the album will be available for hearing on June 4th (if it leaks) and you will download it!!!


I think it is a fact that all coldplay geeks here (just like me) will download the album when it leaks and the buy it!!! so EMI can be calm and leak the album very very soon!! please!!!

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yea biggest question of my life at this moment is whether i will DL it on the internet when its out in japan/UK or wait until the formal US release date.


i am going to download as soon as it is possible!! in fact, I check everyday if the album has leaked!!

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