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The I love Coldplay to do..........Thread!


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I made this thread for the reason what someone would love for Coldplay to do on one of their concert gigs.



Mine is, 'I love Coldplay to' allow Slash to come into their concert, I dunno maybe on Dont Panic and Slash does the rest. That would be absolutely amazing!!



Now write yours, it could be anything!

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in all seriousness, i'd love them to play longer setlists that vary more from night to night and aren't so calculated. i want them to mix things up a bit more, and talk to the audience more rather than just the same things that they say every night.


in a dream world...hmm. that they would meet every single member of the audience personally every night! :P

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yeah, and having someone else besides just chris talk too. i wonder if they've ever said a word to the audience before? i just think it would be nicer and more personal all around. i don't think their concerts are crappy by ANY stretch of the imagination, but there's just some small something that i can't put my finger on that i wish they'd change. everything they do and everything in the show is almost...too planned. i liked it when they messed up etc, because it was a break from the formula. and at the second concert i went to, they actually made this one girl from the front row sit on guy's beanbag ONSTAGE because she wouldn't get off her cellphone. chris thought it was hilarious, and so did i. it's that sort of thing that i wish they'd do more of...the hilarious unexpected.

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Cool thread.


I would like it if Coldplay would pander more to their respective audiences, ie if they are playing in Texas, play some local song(s) in a cool acoustic bit really really close to the audience, kinda like what they did 05/06 but just with a bit more magic. Kinda like a three-act play:

Act 1: Big openers, bombast etc

Act 2: Intimate, acoustic, crack jokes with the audience, bring some onstage to sign, anything you want! Make the biggest stadiums seem intimate - and not just Til Kingdom Come, Don't Panic, Ring of Fire played to death, but do acoustic versions of other hits and just throw a few curveballs at the audience every now and then

Act 3: Big finish




Let Jonny, Guy or Will - hell, each individually - get to crack a few jokes with the audience and sign wayyyy louder on backing vocals or even take centre stage on different verses - mix it up so its different almost every night.


Don't end every concert with Fix You - Gravity is awesome - or the brilliant idea to use the massively underrated Twisted Logic. Great idea lad!


I think the band are so tired of X&Y because they had practically played the thing to death. They must've played every song (except for Twisted Logic - did they ever play this live, even though the tour was named after it?) off the album a billion times and are just sick to death of em. In short, I think they overplayed them and now face the consequences of that. The songs, which when they were intially being played were magical, now are too familiar to audiences and we just want something very different. Certainly, Coldplay really need to shake up their setlists. As mentioned before, play b-sides, rarities and for God's sake more stuff from Parachutes!


Okay, rant OVER.:)

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