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Coldplay MINCE SPIES rare single for sale!


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Hi everyone,


I'm selling my copy of the rare 2001 Coldplay single 'Mince Spies' that came was a fanclub-only release limited to 1000 copies.


Also, i've got 3 issues of the original official Coldplay fanzine 'Coldplayground' to sell too.


Please take a look at my listing on eBay and snap up a rare piece of fan memorabilia that'll make a great investment for the future!


Here's the page on eBay:




Thanks for reading :)



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£230 to buy it now?


I hope you don't think anybody is going to pay that much.


I'll give you a fiver and that's my limit.

because that's all they're worth.


if they were such an investment for the future, why are you selling them now?

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I do apologise for the ad, but I thought there might be some people here who were interested so it was worth me getting the message out there to as many people as possible.


I have my own reasons for selling these items and wanting to generate some cash from them for other things in life :)

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I was basing my 'Buy it now' price on similar items in completed eBay listings. For instance, take a look at this one:




By giving the opportunity to bid for it starting at £195, that seems to be a good deal in comparison to the general going rate for similar items on ebay

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The crowd on here is mostly teenagers with some adults as well, but certainly not a crowd of serious collectors with lots of money to dish out.


And most of that hard earned cash for most people will be going towards flights and tickets to see Coldplay on their upcoming tour.

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