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B-Sides For The New (Proposed) single "Lovers in Japan"


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Anyone got any ideas? It would be nice if they actually released this one as a single, with proper B-Sides and all.


They have plenty of b-sides to choose from going by the number of tracks proposed in the threads and news.

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Yeah, that would be a shame but considering they have so many b-sides allegedly produced I wouldn't be surprised.


So many bands are releasing b-side albums these days. It's a bit of a shame. But still - another coldplay album to look forward to, i'm not complaining if thats the case!

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Famous Old Painters, Glass of Water, Leftrightleftrightleft...and so on.

Sure. I would LOVE to get some of these as b-sides. Ofc we haven't heard them yet, but famous old painters....seems like a really cool song to me.

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