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Make an Apple Coldplay Style Ad in Photoshop


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im trying it now

whats the banner size for coldplaying??


If I were you I'd make the image as big as possible, its much easier to make it smaller than it is to make it bigger.


Mines coming along quite nicely :D

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drag the colour (it will turn into a box on the line) that you want onto the line between the two colours...if that makes sense!

Sorry...Im thinking of illustrator...not sure if it's the same thing, exactly....


Thanks, thats great! :D

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ooooh, that's awesome jacob!!


i assume you're using full photoshop, though? i plan on checking if i have some of those features in elements, but i'm doubtful.



Yeah, I'm using CS3. I used to have elements, but got really annoyed at it and gave up :(

But I managed to find CS3 for a bargain price on a popular internet auction site! :wink3:

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not working for me...instructions arent very gud


What version of Photoshop are you using? I found the instructions pretty good, but I'll be happy to guide you through it abit if you'd like :)

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i need to get that someday. even though i'm nowhere NEAR being fully versed even in just elements, i've been feeling its limitations recently.


maybe i'll start scouring the auctions too ;)


If you're a student, you can get reduced price Photoshop or Creative Suite packages from Adobe ;)

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