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Will Coldplay be on Rolling Stone b4 the album?


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For some reason I get Rolling Stone for free. I never actually wanted it but I think it was some sort of deal with tickets I bought once. Anyway to the point, I got the Guitar songs one this week, maybe Tuesday if I'm not mistaken, so Coldplay would be the third week in June if they are next!

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yeah, rolling stone is bi-monthly. i just got the guitar one in the mail last week, so the next should be coming up in the next two weeks. i highly doubt they're going to be on the cover for at least another month (RS likes to wait until a bit after the release to slap the artist on the cover--last time, X&Y was out in erly june but coldplay wasn't on the cover until late august), but the next issue will DEFINTIELY have the VLVOD review in it, and since it's almost definitely going to be the lead review, there'll be an artwork of the band as well. if i'm still in the country when it comes around, i'll definitely scan it!

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Rolling Stone (Spanish Edition)


^ Hmm I wonder why its an older picture of them... Hopefully someone can grab this issue and get us some scans! :D


Look what I've found! ;)



th_65137_cp_sprolling_1_122_1050lo.jpg th_65144_cp_sprolling_2_122_735lo.jpg th_65154_cp_sprolling_3_122_931lo.jpg th_65155_cp_sprolling_4_122_1133lo.jpg th_65161_cp_sprolling_5_122_555lo.jpg th_65353_cp_sprolling_6_122_805lo.jpg


P.S.: I wish I could translate the full article because it's pretty interesting, but I'm busy with exams. :(

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