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Could lost! Be talking about the bands breakdown after x&y


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It seems, at least to me that this song talks about the band sort of fighting after the x and y tour was down... Cuz in some magizeens chris says the band struggled with the creative vibe and how they had gotten a bit big headed and how Bryan cut em down to size "you might be a big fish in a little pond, doesn't mean you won".....so in essence it seems they kinda got lost until Eno came along..... Thank you brian

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I'm from mexico and I don't quite catch the meaning of "i'm just waiting til the shine wears off"... could anyone explain?


I think Chris is just waiting for the band to ultimately meet its end. He stated that he's only got a few more years of song writing before expects his output to be not as good. Plus at some point people will lose intererst and move on to other new bands.

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