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How I became a part of the Ben Jones show!


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First, I have to start telling that Ben got the gift ideas for Chris and Jonny from me!!! Scroll down to see the proof!!!


I think that's the reason why Ben got Chris to say hello to me on the show! Although Ben referred to me as a "she", when I am clearly a "he", it was amazing to hear Chris say "I am going to see hello to Mariano in Caracas". I am going to play that bit part over and over again!!! The only bad thing is that my friends are going to bother me with the "she" thing, saying that I am gay because I like Coldplay...So, I need your support coldplayers!, LOL!


I want to say THANKS!!! to Ben Jones, he is really an amazing guy! Congrats on you becoming a father and say hello to your wife! Thank you very much! You made the year 2008 for me man! THANKS!!! Come back often to visit us!


Last but not least I want to thanks COLDPLAYING. COM (the best Coldplay site ever) for all these months! It's been an amazing journey!






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Haha thats awesome, though in America 'guido' isn't a friendly thing to be calling someone in most parts :D Not sure how it is in the UK



In UK, they think of Guy Fawkes when the name Guy or Guido comes up. So it would not have a bad connotation. Have you seen the movie V for Vendetta? The story of Guy Fawkes (a revolutionary) plays a huge role. And he is also known as Guido Fawkes.



Awesome on getting a Hi from Chris, Mariano! You so deserved it!:D:D:D:D:D



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hey sorry about getting your sex wrong, man I feel bad!! Hope you liked the interview though!


Don't worry Ben! Although the transcript on Virgin Radio says Marianna :confused:, I clearly heard Chris say MARIANO on the show!


Thank you very very much! As you can see, you're are a true coldplaying hero!

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"how to print screen on Mac" :P


I just noticed that as well. :lol:


the_escapist - that truly is a great story, and that is really awesome for you :dance: Wel done! :D


And thanks again Ben, you are an awesome DJ. :cool:


Great sig Cris_Santos! :D

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