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I take on Viva la Vida Acappella (only voice) Rate Please :)


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I'm still in love with this song, even after hearing all the others on the album. This is me just singing the song without any music, I added a few vocal twists to it as well. Hope you like...


BTW, it was recorded with an MP3 player, so if the quality isn't up to your standards (decent), my apologies. If I screwed up any of the lyrics, I also apologize for that. If you enjoy it and want me to do sing any of the other songs off the new album let me know...



Thanx all!:)


Heres the link.


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Hehehe:D. Unless I bumped my head really hard, last time I checked I was born in Houston,Texas, which if I'm not mistaken is in the U.S. :P



Are you talking about the part where im singing or talking? It could be me just singing the way I hear things. I've done that ever since I attempted to sing. Maybe thats the accent your hearing??

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Nice cover:). I really wasn't sure what a Scottish person even sounded like, I was under the impression they had that english accent, which you don't seem to have.

If I do indeed sound Scottish, I guess I'll just have to take that as a compliment.;)


I mean who the hell wants to sound like a bloody American anyways????:P

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