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Thank you, Coldplay


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It was tonight that I realisd just how much Coldplay have made me happy. Of course I always knew they cheered me up and how much I loved them, but tonight I've realised how happy they make me feel every time I listen to their songs etc.

It's been awhile since I last had "something" that made me happy inside no matter when or where, and now that I've found it again, I'd like to thank you - Chris, Jonny, Will and Guy for being the shining light of my life at the moment and being so wonderful.


Yes, I know it all sounds cheesy but I just had to let it all out.


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I agree with you Kettercat 100%. Coldplay truely make me happy. Just hearing one of their songs on the radio can brighten up my whole day. Everything about them inspires me so much and just really truely makes me happy. :) I love those guys. I wish I could thank them too!!

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I agree with Kettercat 2 and shes taken the words right outta ma mouth! I think that Coldplay are such an inspiring band and there lyrics are so heartfelt and beautiful...i am also not ashamed to say that i have cried over most songs :), including in my place, which is the most uplifting-but i only cry because its a beautiful song.


Hahaha being a fan of Coldplay only makes me feel like i want to be in a band!

OMG they are sooooooo awesome!

Thanx so much Coldplay 4 being an awesome band and 4 writing beautiful lyrics such as In my Place and for writing uplifting songs! :D

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