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Coldplay arnt the only ones being slammed by Johnny "Shut the fuck up" Rotten


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Johnny Slamms The Police (One of the greatest classic rock bands ever in my opinion)





Flashing fleshy moobs the gobby Sex Pistol branded Sting's outfit The Police "f***ing bumholes" in a rant on Saturday night.


Punk's senior statesman yelled at the crowd: "Why are you so f***ing quiet? Saving your energy for The Police?"


Finally Johnny - who an insider tells us is a diva who "goes mad if his voice can't be heard" - yelled: "If you don't scream, I'm going home. Would you like more from grandad?" We'd like you to put your shirt back on...

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He's a silly little mutan man who thinks he still in his 30's. His band has long dried up and gone no ones interested now so he shouts his mouth off. Coldplay and The Police are two of the greatest bands to come out of this country the sex pistols maybe not. He really is hitting a low doing this he isnt cool or wild now he's a old man grow up and show some maturity. Sounds very lealous, not every rock band has to be complete idiots smashing instruments, hotel rooms, doing drugs and making fools of themselves. Coldplay and The Police are two rock bands that have taken there work very seriously and have shown a good attidude to it and its paid off, look at there success. Ive always thought bands who smashed thier instruments on purpose to look cool are stupid its "the tools of thier trade" they should respect them. You dont get carpenters smashing thier tools up because its what gives them thier bread without them they wouldnt have work.

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Johnny Rotten leaves Duffy in tears

June 18th, 2008 - 5:12 pm ICT by ANI


London, June 18 (ANI): Legendary singer Johnny Rotten Lydon launched a volley of ear-splitting abuse at rising singer-songwriter Duffy at the recent Mojo music awards.


The former Sex Pistol frontman was speaking to reporters backstage when the Welsh singer approached him from behind to give him a hug, reports the Daily Express.


The Sex Pistols frontman was said to have then flown into a rage, whipping round to face the 23-year-old and snarling, “You never, ever do that to me.”


Holding back tears, Duffy, who scooped the song of the year award with Mercy, fled from the scene, while Lydon, 52, declared to journalists the scene was like a “bad advert for binge drinking”.


One of the insiders of the awards, who witnessed the clash at London venue The Brewery, said: Duffy came walking through the double doors into the room where all the photographs of the winners were being taken. At that time Lydon had his back to her. But as she walked past he swung his arm around before he pinned her against the wall.


She giggled a bit at first, thinking he was having a laugh, but then realised he was serious. He was saying some nasty things to her and her publicist had to step in.


Then a bit later, when the artists were being got together for the final big picture, she had to be kept away from some of the shots because she was so upset.



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