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if death will ever conquer me


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Jonny touched it with his foot....it has a footprint on it which Im telling myself is his! :dance:


At the end of the show, a roadie handed it to the security guy who had been in front of me..... he folded it into four and grabbed my hand, and made sure I had it. :)

I think I had paid Jonny the most attention of people around me. LMAO..... I saw mostly everyone else around me only looking at Chris :\





Good for you bringing the Jonny Love!!!:D



Let me tell you, I will not be staring at Chris if I am in front of Jonny. And I will do all I can to be in front of Jonny! That was a cool security guard. I have seen some keep everything for themselves or their wife. Like she cares. She is not at the show.


Anyways, I am so jealous but also very happy for you! Great job!:D:D:D:D:D

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