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New paint jobs


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How cool are the paint jobs that the guys have got for this tour??


All the scratch plates and even Will's drumkit have all been painted. It looks great!


Anyways, if you have any good pictures of them, can you upload them here??

And feel free to discuss...

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They are cool, I'm especially digging the red and black on jonny's thinline's. In fact, fender should add a Jonny Buckland signature VLV(kind of like SLV) guitar to their signature series. They'd boost up the price so I couldn't afford, but it would be pretty awesome.

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Jon's full rig for twisted logic:


4 vintage thinline telecasters


vintage Fender Jazzmaster


Gretsch 6122 Jr (used for the "semi-acoustic" set on a few shows, seen at Glastonbury '05)


Gibson Jumbo Acoustic



2 Fender Hotrod Deville 2x12 combo amps


Various effects and pedals


(BTW- Jon does not have his own Ric 360, he borrowed Chris' for live performances of Daylight on the AROBTTH tour)

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I think the white one is his Jaguar bass. Not a jazz.

He used it for 'Yes' in the video thing, so maybe he will if they choose to play that on tour. It looked so cool though. Can someone get some pics of it? I think you could get some stills from that German Amazon video thingo - I can't do it, or I would!!

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