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Sleepercar's Ward wants Coldplay's Berryman to be a country rebel. (OMG!)


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Sparta’s Jim Ward is currently finding success with the alt-country-ish Sleepercar, but did you know that the early plan for the band was to include Coldplay’s Guy Berryman? Ward says during the early stages of their careers, he and Berryman bonded over their love of this particular sound and had discussed forming a band called The London Country Rebels. Things really took off for Coldplay, limiting Berryman’s availability, but that hasn’t stopped Ward from trying to keep the idea fresh in the guitarist’s head. The singer tells us he tried to get Berryman to get a London Country Rebels tattoo so that they both would know and would eventually do the project some day, but the guitarist said that they should try to write a song together first before getting a tattoo. Ward says the logo is the best part with the London subway symbol emblazoned in silver letters with the words “London Country Rebels.” The last time Ward says they tried to unite was before Coldplay’s “A Rush Of Blood To The Head” came out, and things haven’t let up since. Though the pairing has yet to take, the singer says he was able to send the Sleepercar album to his friends in Coldplay and got feedback that the band had been listening to it while recording their latest disc.




My hometown Hero!


O man, O man! Ha this is wicked cause I used to live next to wards cousin when he was still in At The Drive-In. O man the good times of listening to them practicing in the garage. And then I read this in the front page and I spazzed out ha. I saw Sleepcar live in december and i'm ganna see them this weekend when their in town. I just cant believe he knows Berryman, it's really....Awsome! Wow, I'm ganna ask him so many questions about Guy when I see him friday.:D


P.S. I really recommend Sleepercar. Really great fusion of country and rock.


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I can't stand country. Berryman, please stay where you are!!!!! COLDPLAY IS HIS BAND.


Whats wrong with country? I like it. They can sing about anything...Anything! Ha but Sleepercar is diff. More hard on the guitars but very ambient and countryish.


And if Chris can work with rappers why cant Guy work with a cowboy????

(Jim isnt actually a cowboy but hes from Tx so you know ha)

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i dunno, i'm just not that big a country fan. I never have been really. It does appeal to me all that much. Lol, well, whatever, they're gonna do what they want but i just think that Guy can't up out and leave. I want him to stay and like Winigwl said, maybe a side job.

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I wonder if Guy's love of country music is what influenced the "If Death Will Ever Conquer Me" song.


you mean "The goldrush" (that's what it's called), I wonder if it was directly lifted from this other guy's country album and they put will's vocals on :P

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