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I said I liked her and this group, in the 'Supporting Coldplay' thread....

I got her album yesterday. I thought there was just a load of hype surrounding Santogold, but it's actually reaaally good! :) Great for dancing I imagine!


I think I like it because it's so varied and it combines the kinds of things I like... Bloc Party-esque guitar bits, great sections of singing, electronic sounds, ragga.... etc

It's just really surprised me.....so many different sounds on one album...but I like it a lot.


Favourite tracks right now..... Creator (I heard it on a hair advert last week LOL), I'm a Lady (great track), L.E.S Artistes, Starstuck (really sexy song), Say Aha (makes me think of !!!, another band I like a lot), You'll Find a Way (good guitar bits), Lights Out.


Other people....whaddya think........ :)

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"We think you're a joke, shove your hope where it don't show" - Shove It


Just downloaded some of her songs and I love her style! Reminds me of M.I.A. Very booty bumpin' music! Will definitely get her album soon!


The song Creator was featured on So You Think You Can Dance earlier tonight, and I remembered she was opening for some of the Coldplay dates. Ugh, now I wish she opened for the October 27th show!

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