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Celine Dion responsible for worst ever cover


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Celine Dion responsible for worst ever cover




Celine Dion covering AC/DC? Macca's meat-free Mondays? Pete Doherty feeding his cat crack? Just another music news day


Rosie Swash

Monday June 23, 2008



There's been a poll, there's been a poll! A panel of experts have been chewing over the best and worst cover versions of all time for Total Guitar magazine and the results are in. At No 1 is Celine Dion's version of AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long, considered such an "offence" that it's the worst of a very bad bunch. No mention of the cringeworthy guest vocals from Anastasia during the 2002 Diva Las Vegas show, though the Independent notes: "Dion came on stage playing air-guitar and (depending on your view) proceeded to belt out or destroy a rendition of the classic AC/DC track." If you believe Total Guitar's Stephen Lawson, it was nothing short of "sacrilege". But wait, there's more.

As this is all about guitar heroics, there isn't room for the plethora of fellow Comic Relief offenders, although the Girls Aloud v Sugababes oestrogenic take on Areosmith's Walk This Way has made it to No 2. And Westlife's cover of Extreme's More Than Words is at No 3, Will Young's cover of the Door's Light My Fire is at No 4 and the Mike Flowers Pops version of Oasis' Wonderwall makes it to No 5. All commendably bad in their own special way, we think you'll agree.As for their selection of Jimi Hendrix's version of Dylan's All Along the Watch Tower as the No 1 greatest cover of all time, the Total Guitar criteria was as such: "The best covers are unlikely choices and they do something radical." Well, Celine Dion may not be rad, but she is bad, she's bad, you know it.

For a number of years Paul McCartney has been telling anyone who'll listen that vegetarianism is the way forward. For a start, it's only fair on the little lambs that we don't kill them and serve them up on plates. Also, it's better for the health of human beings and the planet in general if we all stick to a non-meat diet from now on. Earlier this year he implored "vegetarians" to give up fish, and now the Star reports he's imploring everyone to give up animal fodder for one day only. "By having a meat-free Monday every week we can all do our bit towards protecting the planet," says Macca, claiming it will lower carbon emissions.

If the camera has ever been Pete Doherty's friend, it's the kind of friend who quietly films you doing terrible things and then passes on the evidence to, say, a national newspaper and therefore no kind of friend at all. There were the compromising photos allegedly showing Doherty guiding a mini-crack pipe to his cat's mouth. There's that one of him allegedly injecting a girl with heroin while she lies unconscious on the floor. Not to mention the recent "Winemouse" video.

Finally, it seems, the Babyshambles singer has resolved that, should he have to live his life under the scrutiny of a camera lens, then perhaps there's something to be gained personally. So off the sofa he scraped himself, out the door he went and into the throng of adoring fans he ventured. The result? According to the Star: "One angry fan said: 'Pete came out of his house and we wanted a photo, but he said £50 or no deal. It was a real kick in the teeth.'" At this rate, he'll be popping up on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and all that.

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