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Hey everyone!


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I've only discovered this lovely messageboard by accident and it seemed to be quite nice here, so I thought I might join you! :)

I'm Ella, turning 18 in some weeks and I live in Germany. I should say I'm quite new to Coldplay as I've only discovered their music about less than a year ago. I of course had heard of them before but I'd never really paid more attention to them... Until I heard "Yellow" for the first time! I was totally blown away by the very first tunes already and I DO believe it's one of the most beautiful songs in the world! From that moment on, it didn't much time until I was absolutely fallen in love with almost all of their songs and I'm even more set on fire since the release of the new album! Two days ago, their gig at the Brixton Academy was played in the radio and now I wish I could see them live in September... If only the tickets weren't sold out already... :( Well, maybe there'll be another chance for the ones who couldn't make up their mind in time and who simply were too slow. Like me... :rolleyes:

Anyways... I hope we'll have a good time together and talk to you soon!

Cheers, Ilione

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