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  1. This is way too far! Picture or never happened. u.u
  2. Hi!! I want a xyloband so much! Please send me a PM. I'm Ana from Uruguay! :) Thank you!!!!
  3. Sí. Siempre entré, No comentaba.

  4. Yo había desaparecido!!! Pero ta. Ahora volví con todo!! Nunca dejé de amar a Coldplay. Tengo testigos..... :D
  5. Hola!!! I'm back!!

  6. OMG!! This coment is old but made me realize that I AM CHRISEXUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3:
  7. :uhoh: For me is Penis .... I mean, CHRIS! :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3:
  8. yeah.. I see the number 42 everywhere.
  9. no no no no no - my boyfriend, house, The mentalist, Diego Lugano (football player) reminds me of MYYYY CHRYSSYYYY :wacky:
  10. awwww :wacky: the nappies is much better than coldplay :P
  11. haha she moves like Chris in the stage! here is the link http://www.moviefone.com/movie/country-strong/51693/video/country-strong-trailer-no-1/605582125001
  12. finally something new :awesome: "Most kings ... get their heads cut off" this is stuck in my brain. When I sing this part sounds horrible, because I try to imitate Chris. But I can't :lol:
  13. wow!! I've never seen those pics before. I had never saw a pic of Chrissy family
  14. so many :wacky: here. She has a beautiful blue eyes like Chris. Also the nose is similar. She's very pretty. :) I hope she can get what she wants.
  15. Gwyneth is like "haha!! I have a picture with you, Chrissy and you can't do nothing about it!!" lucky woman
  16. This. Chris is so cute in that pics. He's laughing :D :heart: I like her boots btw. :uhoh: thanks juanma!!
  17. maybe the pics were taken before they moved. I think...:thinking:
  18. michelle!:\ . Your team deserved to win. because everyone knows that the other two finals you played were arranged. was a great match anyway. well fought by both teams. I lost count of all the yellow cards given by the referee. :lol:

  19. I was Thinking about you too! haha. I'm fine, but I wish my guys win. but anyway. oh yes! the last 5 minutes :dead: Netherlands played well too. Your boys are so talent. And sneider is so hawt :heart: :lol: I'm with you right now. I think the final will be Deutschland vs Netherlands. I'm about to buy a neth t-shirt. Go netherlands go

  20. Michelle!!! :bigcry: congrats!!! :lol:

  21. I'm pretty fine thanks! oh! I'm your friend on facebook too :lol: Thanks for adding me. see you

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