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new coldplay radio station


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Since the radio station is so young and has almost no traffic. Instead of a listening limit of one hour from now on till the server gets full the new limit is 10 hours. Remember if you listen past the time limit the server disconnects you, but if you still want to listen just reconnect.


I recommend listening with iTunes to do that all you do is open iTunes and Go to "Advanced -> Open Stream" then copy http://streamplay.ath.cx:8000/spr.mp3 into the text box and press OK.

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105 songs in the playlist, and 25 people can listen at the same time. It sounds low but different people listen at different times, so actually hundreds of listeners could listen all in the same day and everything would work fine.

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Sorry for all the times the server has been down, I have been having some problems with the software, but I think they may be fixed now:)



Also, I'v been looking around for more Coldplay music and found over 20 really old Coldplay songs, and they are pretty good too.

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I made a new toy it is a calld StreamPlayer. You can put it on your MySpace or anything that can compile html. StreamPlayer is a player just for StreamPlay.


Copy the code below into the

Music text box on the

edit profile page on MySpace or anything

that can compile html.


here is the code:


<object width="223" height="83.4" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"


<param name="movie"

value="http://fasterupload.com/files/30oktgxiye8ikdz2eozt.swf" />


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