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official computer trouble thread


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i dont think such a thread exists so far....pardon me if im wrong!


the reason i opened such a thread is coz my internet explorer is *!" :x %&

up!!! i dunno whats the prob or why it happened...ive even tried to reinstall but it wont work as usual...the prob is that link windows dont open...ie...if i click the "Who is online" button it wont open the usual small windows....it doesnt do anything....i cant enter the board through coldplaying.com...coz its a new window!!...it happens everywhere....!! pop up windows dont open (only good for spam & ads but otherwise irritating :-x )...so does anybody know whats wrong??? please???!!

thx for any comments! :)

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nahh...its not a virus or worm...its my internet explorer...ive tried to reinstall it but its the same prob....im having this prob since 2months...its annoying coz everytime i want to open a pop up window...i need to copy and paste the addy into a new ie window...bahh! :rolleyes: :angry: ...but thx anyways

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