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Ideas for the 3rd Alias Day

Black Rose

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Post Alias Day 2, the following points were raised in general:

1 - 24 hours wasn't long enough

2 - The end of December isn't really a good time as people are away with their families


Therefore, how does this sound


Starts 0:00 GMT+1 (midnight) Saturday to 23:59 GMT+1 on Sunday, giving 48 hours of mayhem.


I'm thinking about the weekend of 23/24th August.


Any body got any other ideas?

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oh sounds great ! :D

many members usually participate ??



Well, on the first alias day there were about 30 of them if i'm not totally mistaken.


And last year there weren't that many i think.. maybe 10-20

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first alias day was so awesome :laugh3:





where are the pancakes!!


I knoow!

I can't ever come up with an alias as good as that one ever again :(

Last year my alias was shite boohoo, i just always feel like being juicy granny again but then everyone would know who i am :disappointed:

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oh okay ! and was it easy to find out who each fake account was?

and if no one finds out, is there a date when you have to tell them ?


No actually it's not.. As long as you don't act like you usually do.

It's cool to have wacko convos with just some random people.

Well, the convos are usually about what's inside your pants etc




there's been a date when everyone either tells right away who they were or then we can have a little game to guess who was who..and now that's the hardest part..

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You should consider that esp. Rolle has turned into an official perv since the first alias day...:nice:



so be careful which alias to choose...haha


hate to admit it but that's so true :lol:


:lol: if you keep talking about what's in your pants, i guess it might be easy to find out who you are Rolle.

thanks for those infos, sounds great ! I might take part in :D



Oh no no..i'll be wise and choose an alias that NO ONE can guess :smug:


But it's always so much fun to be a perv or a crazy person.. :wacky:

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oh and gotta add one thing Chavi.. i highly recommend participating just because coldplaying (well, the lounge) will be a mess and you'll feel like an idiot if you dont have your alias and still be posting as the "normal" you for the whole 2 days.

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:rolleyes::laugh3: Yes, I remember that - and it was the first alias day I stumbled upon, and I was thinking..."what the hell is going on here?!" I was temporarily stunned and awed by the bizarre spectacle of it all.. Anyhow, yes, the "DON'T MESS WITH COMPTON" + Pictures of Cruisers on Hollywood Boulevard?? Your's was quite humorous!:lol:

Oh, ideas.. umm.. How About posting a warning in everyone's private messages (or whatever they're being called today..) so the participants can prepare, the timid can seek shelter, and the rest have a chance to decide what odd ducks they will become.

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