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i knew this web site since few months but never register.. now it's done.


i'm french (live near Paris), i'm 28 years old, and i like coldplay since... 2000/2001. I discovered them at the TV, in Brit Award where they played... it was a revelation... After i bought first album and i follow their discography.


I like very much their new album (i like all their album), and I look forward to the concert 9 and 10 september in Paris... It will be first real live.

I had a lucky to see them in June for "private concert In Paris", a TV program recorded, and it was amazing... a great memory. only 300-400 person, they were very close...


I like music, i listen music all the time and others band that Coldplay as U2, Editors, Vega 4, Keane, Nada Surf, Travis, Ceesau, Interpol and others and others... :D

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