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Happiness for a woman is... dinner with her husband, says survey


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Happiness for a woman is... dinner with her husband, says survey


By Liz Hull

Last updated at 12:01 AM on 02nd August 2008



Don't be fooled by all the talk of shoe shopping or great nights out with the girls.

Women actually value hours spent with their husbands above everything else.

In a survey of 1,000 women, 40 per cent said this was the top priority in their spare time.

When they do catch a moment with him, the activity they most enjoy is a romantic dinner.


article-0-02C1E7C0000004B0-978_468x286.jpg Romance: The survey revealed women most value dinner with their husbands



Making love came in second place, followed by chatting over a bottle of wine, watching television and gardening together.

Of the remaining 60 per cent, almost half said that being with their children was most important, and less than a third said they prefer time alone.

Woman and Home magazine surveyed women aged 20 to 70, some 80 per cent of whom were married or living with their partners, and 72 per cent of whom had children.

An overwhelming 84 per cent said that the best things in life are free and that they preferred spending time with family over shopping or going out for a glass of wine with friends.


Less than five per cent said material goods, such as diamonds, a sports car, a yacht or their Christian Louboutin shoes were the most valuable things in their lives.

When asked what they would like if granted one simple wish, 31 per cent of women said that they would love someone to do their household chores or have fresh flowers delivered every week.

Most said a glass of wine or champagne was their favourite pick-me-up after a bad day, closely followed by a cup of tea, bar of chocolate or a cappuccino.

'It's great to see that dynamic women in their forties and beyond, whose lives are packed 24/7, still take enormous pleasure from the simple things in life,' said Sue James, editorial director of Woman and Home.

'They may be bombarded by consumer choice at every turn, but in their heart - whatever the financial climate - they know that the best things in life are free.'

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I meant that with the divorce rates the way they are, most of them aren't likely to stay married.;)


Or because under Brown's Britain, 2 single people living together can claim more money back from the state compared to a married couple, marriage is down ;)

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