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I love coldplay, but with every day I feel more and more dissapointed, it' s just they start to become mtv, super extra happy stars.Oh, how chris he sings in japanese,wow, what's so spectacular.I love them because they're natural but they looks like become too relaxed and show their real face, troubadours, entertainers.So, alicia keys, and chris raper who dances around in their most artistic song in a way,what's next, everything is parody?/Ha ha and then what.While radiohead discovers new ways in music, they combine electro and jazz sound in IN RAINBOWS, coldplay dance around, smile and sing TRA la la.No, coldplay, please don not become stupid pop band,WHERE ARE DAYLIGHT< X & Y < , GOD PUT A SMILE...IS this all forgotten??

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With no disrespect to Radiohead, I didn't like their album In Rainbows. I'm not the sort of guy to like too much experimentation in music.


What are you pointing out? Coldplay do things they love the most, which is perform live and do some great albums. How many bands are capable of that while still maintaining huge popularity and being so sincere and honest?


I love Coldplay live, can't wait to see them in Vienna this year, they're great, the album's really good and if you don't like Coldplay post you can still post anything in justintimberlakeforum.com I think! There's a special section for Coldplay fans there! ;) :D

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Yes, you don't have too be so self confident, and rude.I love coldplay, but I'm just indicating the way they're going?Watch coldplay live 2003 and you'll see what I'am talking about.My friend MUSIC IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, no making jokes, singing in a language of country where you're and jump with confetti, music my friend, listen to music, chris is ok, charming, sincere but he's not the band, you go to justin timberlake forum if you love to look at pretty boys dancing around and smiling.

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