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Help me come up with a good argument!!


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I don't know whether to post this in the Coldplay section or here, but whatever.

OK. I need you guys to help me to come up with strong argument to convince my parents to let me see Coldplay in Washington, D.C. on Halloween! I can't wait until they tour the US again next year because well, I'm impatient. :P and I don't know if they'll EVER come to Virginia. I need really good reasons becuase I live in southern Virginia, it's a 3 hour drive, and I don't have money to throw around paying for gas, tickets, or a hotel room. :freak: I couldn't get a job this summer becuase we did a lot of traveling. :(


Here's what I came up with:


1] I make really good grades

2] I stay out of trouble

3] I (will) help around the house (more)

4] Coldplay's been my favorite band for a while (They thought it was a phase :rolleyes:)

5] It's not THAT far from where we are. :P

6] They are really good live so it won't be a waste.

7] Im won't ask for Christmas/birthday presents this year if they'll pay for this


Any other reasons I've overlooked?

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Because it will be in the nation's capitol at a time when we need to reexamine our roots, and many of Coldplay's songs relate to this.


Because it would be immensely enjoyable, and what could be more important than that?:P


Because our future depends on empathy, and Coldplay's music is all about that.


The future requires that we solve global issues, and Coldplay are all about solving global issues. Hence, it's for geography's sake.

E.) As a former resident in the Commonwealth of Virgina, I do ordain you worthy of visiting them on the Potomac as my personal envoy.:laugh3:


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"I don't really want to see Coldplay, its just the tickets to the concert are included with tickets to a convention about global warming and environmental impact. I may as well see them now, as next year I will leave a carbon footprint and such to see them, which is not very responsible. I may as well consolidate my trip and help promote the notion of the convention in the process."


Yes, no? :P

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I would also make sure to stress the positive output of Coldplay:

never deprecating anyone but themselves, always trying to be positive in what they say and do, very spiritual inspiration, religious upbringing and faith of Chris, even when it does not translate exactly to a specific church today, the yoga, vegetarian/pescetarian diet, non smoking, Chris is courteous even when he has to use swearwords etc. you can fill it in yourself. (examples from interviews, like even when prompted about mean people he says "I dont hate anyone" etc.)

They send good vibes and this would be a memory to cherish for you for a long time, as well as a good influence for grades next year etc.


Good luck Bchick!

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