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Simon Pegg on Bostons ZLX this morning


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This isn't really anything that interesting about Coldplay... just a comment that Simon Pegg made on the radio this morning. He is Apple Martin's Godfather, in case anyone reading this doesn't get the comment.


So the idiots at the station said this to Simon, "So if anything happens to Chris or Gwyneth, you would get Apple? And the first thing you would do is change that ridiculous name?" and Simon said, "Absolutely not. I think it's a beautiful name. What would you want to name her? Something plain like John?"


I don't think they said anything else to him about it after that, except when they went to hang up with Simon they said, "Change that name!". He certainly didn't say anything about Chris or Coldplay, which I was hoping he did.


Did anyone who lives in the Boston area happen to hear the interview?

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simon pegg boston radio


OH NO!!! I can't believe they said that to him!!! :shocked2:

That's so Mean!!! :angry:


I missed it this morning, but you can listen on the station's website.


It's under the section on the left titled "K&M Audio"

Simon doesn't seem too bothered by the comment though. I think he tries to shrug it off.

Good for him! Don't let the radio announcer get to you!


*sigh* this makes Boston people seem a bit rude..... :cry:

(well, it makes Boston radio announcers seem rude. Hopefully Simon doesn't judge other Boston/New England people because of that radio announcer)

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