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MTV Latin American Music Awards: Coldplay nominated as best international rock artist


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Coldplay has been nominated as the best international rock artist at the 2008 MTV latin american music awards which will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico, next oct, 16th


you can vote here : http://www.mtvla.com/premios/nominados/categoria_detalle.jhtml?cat=Mejor_Artista_Rock_Internacional



(I'm not sure if this works for non latin american computers)

Well I don't have latin american computer (I have a Japanese computer :P ) but I went there and selected Mexico as my country and voted. Half of Mexico lives in Houston, so it's like i live in Mexico North so it's legal damnit! :laugh3:
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That award looks like a tongue!! haha


Maybe because it's supossed to be one!!! :P

Apparently it's shaped like that because language is something that unites latinamerica.... so even if it looks a little weird the intention was pretty cool!!! ;)

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